The Empress and The Dragon ®

Women today are bombarded with many different messages about empowerment, sexuality, relationships and health. Do you actually understand what it means to be authentic, embodied and in your ‘Feminine Power’?

We receive mixed messages about being strong in our Masculine, yet vulnerable in our Feminine. This leaves most women feeling confused about what real strength and balance is, and how to maintain it when the troubles of life intensifies. Also, some women have negative empress, priestess, magician, or witch imprints from past lives; which may influence their life in unhelpful ways or may still be causing trauma and pain.  

For the last five years The Empress and The Dragon ® three month journey has changed hundreds of women's lives for the better, enabling them to reclaim their own divine power and authentic versions of what healing looks like to them.


So, what is it?

Your Womb Stargate is the portal through which you birth your Authentic Self, your creativity and also children for those that choose to be mothers.

In spirit practices around the world, before an activation takes place a deep cleanse is required. This programme is an energetic cleanse for your womb as a true activation cannot occur in a space full of shadows. Women's wombs are highly targeted areas by the system of domination and control, unaware people and shadow beings, as access to the womb stargate is key to a woman's ascension and evolution.

Common types of interference found in the womb include but are not limited to: upside down pentagrams, negatively programmed 'sacred' geometry, hooks from ex-partners, spells, hexes, curses, negative sexual imprints, disempowering ancestral programming, disincarnate spirits, energetic harvesting, spirit baby soul fragments from abortions and miscarriages. Clearing yourself of the above can result in significant shifts in every area of your life.

This programme is an answered prayer for a tool that would help women manage ongoing energetic womb interference. With the power of ritual magick and right relationship with the Obsidian spirit this programme provides a womb connection, cleansing and activation opportunity. We say opportunity as you have to do the work!

The Empress and the Dragon ® initiation journey is an activation for your energetic codes - the essence of what you are here to share with others. This journey enables you to go deep into yourself and find your inner Truth; facilitating a genuine rebirth into your inner magic, enabling you to choose a path to walk with the certainty of knowing who you are, and the Destiny you are here to fulfil.

The Empress and The Dragon ® aims to assist you with getting to know your Authentic self, and all parts of you, in a contained and held grounded space.

This is a 9 month programme: each level launches with a weekend, and is followed by a 3 month container of support. This provides enough time, space and encouragement for your inner transformation. The programme works with the Tree of Life and the Taoist dan tien system to connect the 3 spirit cauldrons in a grounded and safe manner. 

This program is for you to discover and develop a deep connection with your body, and energy field, working with the three metaphysical cauldrons (or Dan Tiens as they are called in eastern traditions), your inner masculine and feminine, and your spirit. The Empress (Feminine) & The Dragon (Masculine) ® enables us to marry our inner dualities to give birth to a more sovereign, unified and Divine version of ourselves - a self who is clear on her purpose, connected to her passion, and stable in her love, truth & power, and in her interactions with herself and others.

The Empress and The Dragon ® is a comprehensive and immersive experience to delve deeper into ancient womb wisdom, assisting us to release trauma and old energies held within our sacred womb space. This will help you to return to a sacred inner balance that will inspire wholeness and clarity with your purpose. The Empress and the Dragon ® is for women who are ready to be raw in their vulnerability, be naked in their truth, and be strong in their power. 

This is an initiation into your Feminine Lineage, the Empress within you, and Magick


The Empress and The Dragon ® is for Women who are:

How the Programme Works:

This is a three Part Programme. The first part of the program focuses on your Lower Dan Tien – your womb and power center. We will spend two days awakening, clearing and listening to our inner wisdom via exploration and discovery in training sessions, sharing circles, ritual and ceremony :

On the first weekend we are working with the Obsidian Yoni Egg and Alchemy Pack. We will work deeply with the medicine of the Obsidian and focus on self-healing, awakening, feminine healing, magick, clearing and letting go of the past. Obsidian is a crystal that ignites the mirror within, the shadow that needs redefining and the traumas that call for healing. If you choose to embark upon this journey with Obsidian, you are trusting an inner knowing that you are ready to look deep within at the hidden aspects of yourself, calling to be recovered, remembered and reconciled. 

You will then be held within a three month online container afterwards as you traverse the healing powers of the Obsidian Spirit, your own Womb and our unique altar pack, which you will be shown how to use properly on the weekend itself.

This transformational programme was created by Sharon Bolt, co-founder of Shamanic Energy Training, a professional school dedicated to integrity and authenticity in spirit work. 

Sharon has a wealth of offerings, workshops and trainings which you can find here

This is a professional and sacred shamanic space run by Caitlin Priday, who is authorised to run this programme. The weekend is supported by an assistant with substantial experience and training in women's work.

Our group's will be an intimate due to COVID restrictions.